AJ Stephans Ginger Beer


So they proclaim, AJ·Stephans makes the world's best Ginger Beer! Gingery, citrusy and has just the right bite.  This ginger beer is great as a mixer!  See some sample drink recipes below.

Dark & Stormy: Fill a tall glass with ice. Add 1 & 1/2 shots of Dark Rum (Goslings, Myers, or Bacardi Dark). Fill the glass with AJStephans Ginger Beer & garnish with lime.

Moscow Mule: Fill an 8 ounce mug with ice. Add 1 shot Vodka. Fill with AJStephans Ginger Beer. Garnish with Lime.

Shandygaff: Half fill a tall glass with cold beer. Top off using cold AJStephans Ginger Beer.

12 oz glass bottles


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