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What began as a flower shop (Blooms on the Square) has morphed into a full-fledged old fashioned candy candy & soda pop shop.  When we first got the idea to add some candy to our flower shop we had no idea it would become what it is today.  The flowers are gone and have been replaced with over 800 different types of candy, over 50 different glass bottle root beers and 400 more hard to find and gourmet and nostalgic glass bottle sodas.

Located in Historic Downtown Carrollton, you’ll find our candy shop right on Main Street, right where a candy store belongs.

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Why are some sodas so hard to find?

I too have looked for some of my hometown favorite sodas only to find nothing and in some cases asking people for something that they had never heard of before (thinking of you Faygo Rock N Rye)

Bottlers and manufacturers may only produce a soda that gets sold to their local territory or regional market.  Therefore, some sodas and candies never make it past their home-state lines.

Happy Fall Soda, Y'all!

We have quite a few new sodas to help us usher in the cooler fall weather!

First, we have Afri-Kola, in spite of its name, it's actually from Germany!  The greatest thing about this cola, is by and large the unique, glass bottle.  Instead of the US standard 12 oz, this bottle weighs in at 11.2 oz.

Afri-Kola From Germany

Orbitz Sodas are back!   A throwback from the 90's, these fruit flavored sodas used to be made with floating bits inside that made them look like a lava-lamp.  The bits are gone, but the fruit flavors are back!  Yummy!

Orbitz Retro SodaOrbitz Retro Nostalgic Sodas


Grapette Glass Bottled Soda - We found it!



Grapette glass bottled soda was something that we have been asked about for years!  In all of our research the only thing we were able to find out is that Walmart/Sams had taken ownership of the brand and that it was being made in cans only, and being sold as Sam's Choice Grapette.  In addition, it is widely available in South America.







Grapette Glass Bottled Soda


We essentially gave up looking for it and have been telling people to seek it out in cans at their local big box store.  Fast forward years later, and after some super-sleuthing we found it was being bottled in one location in the United States.

After a lot of phone calls and much anxiety (we weren't going to believe it until we saw it), we placed our order and crossed our fingers.  

Today, we received our shipment and here it is, in all its glory!  Glass Bottled Grapette!


So where can you find Glass Bottled Grapette? You can buy it at our store in Dallas, TX!

Nostalgia lovers rejoice!!!