Again, as with years past, Blooms is giving away a 25 lb Chocolate Santa.  Unlike the last two years, Santa has not been hit by tragedy and in one piece displayed on top of our soda cooler.  Retail value of this Santa is $600!


While its difficult to tell from this picture, Santa is over 3 feet tall and has quite a sizable girth.  He has an amazing amount of detail including cute little glass spectacles.

All you need to do to get your chance to win Santa, is stop by our store and fill out a drawing slip to join our mailing list.  That's it!


Last year, if you remember, tragedy struck and Santa arrived broken but we raffled him off anyway.  Here is a photo of the winner with her prize.  As you can see, 25 lbs is a LOT of chocolate.


November 10, 2013 — Nicole Meadows