When we knew we were moving we decided we needed a gumball machine for the shop.  So we found one. And it was big.

And so began the Giant Gumball Machine Refurbishment Project (GGMRP).  The GGMRP took us approximately 30 hours to refurbish (when I say us it took me 1.5 hours, my daughter Reese .5 hours and John 28).  We removed all the plexiglass and replaced it with new, completely disassembled it, sanded it (thanks to Reese who learned how to use a palm sander), cleaned it (it was sitting in a field behind someones house) added 5 cans worth or cherry red spray paint and voila'!

In order to have it ready for our grand opening a few weeks ago John stayed up until 5 AM finishing it up. Yay to John for getting it done becuase the GGMRP results are really cool!

Stop by and give it a crank....Reese did!

June 15, 2010 — admin
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