We have had lots and lots of requests for Delaware Punch.  So much so that I set out on my normal quest to track it down.  This one was NOT easy.

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Delaware Punch is a fruit-flavored soft drink. Its formula uses a blend of fruit flavors, with grape being the most prominent. It is non-carbonated and caffeine-free.

Delaware Punch was created by Thomas E. Lyons in 1913 and the brand is currently owned by The Coca-Cola Company.

As I did my research even Wikipedia told me the  beverage is difficult to find, and they were right.  All in all it took me about 3 ½ months to find someone who was willing to ship it to us.  Delaware Punch is still sold in some grocery stores in Louisiana, Arkansas, and south Texas, and some restaurants in Houston.   Due to licensing agreements the bottler is not allowed to sell this product outside of their territory so we ended up having to go through a third party in order to get it. 

 Once we finally tracked it down we were further disappointed to find out that we couldn’t get it in glass bottles either :(.  Now we know why….  The bottled form is sold in Guatemala and Mexico, but is currently banned in much of the United States due to a coloring agent, allura red, that is used.   

 Some more fun Delaware Punch Fun Facts!  Delaware Punch was commonly sold at the New Orleans drug store chain K&B, before it was bought by Rite Aid in 1997.  Delaware Punch is named for the Delaware grape from which its flavor is derived. The grape is native to Delaware County, Ohio, and the drink therefore has no affiliation with the state of Delaware.

 We hope to keep it in stock but our supply stream seems to be a bit shaky.  Get it while we got it!  Click here to order Delaware Punch.


Stay Sweet!

August 19, 2011 — Nicole Meadows