We look forward to receiving the following NEW sodas into stock this month!  We hope to have them in stock towards the end of the third week in December.

  • Olde Rhode Island Root Beer
  • Ramune Original Soda
  • Squamscot Ginger Beer
  • Squamscot Maple Cream Soda
  • Thomas Kemper Root Beer
  • Baumeister Root Beer
  • Filberts Blue Razzberry Soda
  • Filberts Lime Soda
  • Grays Root Beer
  • Iron Horse Root Beer
  • Rocket Fizz Green Apple Jalepeno
  • Rocket Fizz Cotton Candy Soda
  • Avery's Totally Gross Bug Barf
  • Avery's Totally Gross Kitty Piddle
December 06, 2011 — admin