New Sodas in December

We look forward to receiving the following NEW sodas into stock this month!  We hope to have them in stock towards the end of the third week in December.

  • Olde Rhode Island Root Beer
  • Ramune Original Soda
  • Squamscot Ginger Beer
  • Squamscot Maple Cream Soda
  • Thomas Kemper Root Beer
  • Baumeister Root Beer
  • Filberts Blue Razzberry Soda
  • Filberts Lime Soda
  • Grays Root Beer
  • Iron Horse Root Beer
  • Rocket Fizz Green Apple Jalepeno
  • Rocket Fizz Cotton Candy Soda
  • Avery's Totally Gross Bug Barf
  • Avery's Totally Gross Kitty Piddle
December 06, 2011 by admin
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