In 1917, in Salisbury North Carolina, L.D. Peeler wanted to create a soft drink of his own, and bought some very interesting cherry flavor from a traveling salesman from St. Louis. He experimented, mixing cherry with other flavors, and stumbled upon this singular flavor sensation, and Cheerwine was born.

Cheerwine has a milder sweet flavor with strong black cherry notes.  With its deep burgundy color and higher level or carbonation, there is no other soft drink that compares.

We have been carrying Cheerwine for nearly 6 months and I am still amazed at the fans of this soft drink.  Whether North Carolina natives that have relocated to Dallas or people that have tasted this incredible soft drink, people go crazy when they see we carry it.  Whether you want just one glass bottle or a whole case of Cheerwine, now you know where to find it in Dallas.

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March 06, 2012 — admin
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