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nice place ! Thumbs Up 3/29/2012
Cute shop on the square Thumbs Up 3/29/2012
Saw some good candies from back in the day, unique soda flavors and toys. Hubby and I didn't have a lot of time to see everything, but it brought back some fun memories from our childhood! I felt like a little kid again amazed by the number of unique flavors that you won't find anywhere else! We will most definitely be going back, and hopefully can sit outside of the cute store and enjoy our goodies! Thumbs Up 2/23/2012
Service was very good and people were friendly. Thumbs Up 2/22/2012
Great deal.  The shop was cute and had old fashioned ice cream and sodas.  Very different. Thumbs Up 2/20/2012
this place rocks! great selection and in a cute part of Carrollton.  I just moved to TX and I know this place will be a fav of mine Thumbs Up 2/18/2012
I hadn't been in the store in several months and Blake remembered me as a repeat customer.  I have been to Blooms four times (I think) and have had GREAT customer service each time. That, combined with a great retro candy selection at reasonable prices for this type of specialty candy, will keep me coming back.  Thank you! Thumbs Up 2/18/2012
Not quite what I was expecting (less soda, more candy), but the proprietor was VERY nice and accommodating.  I called to check the hours, and found that I would be arriving just at closing time.  He assured me that it wasn't a problem at all, that we were very welcome - he didn't mind staying a little late for us. :) Thumbs Up 2/16/2012
They keep adding new items and they are FUN!  Great for gift giving.  Very unique selections. Thumbs Up 2/16/2012
Great shop for unique candy and soda. Thumbs Up 2/15/2012
The guy who was working there was very nice and even helped me put together a personalized gift basket for my husband. THey have some really great soda that i havent been able to find anywhere else and its in a very cute little shopping area. Thumbs Up 2/15/2012
It will not be a regular shopping stop. It is more of a special occasion stop. Fun to look around! Thumbs Up 2/11/2012
They have all sorts of candy from different countries and different decades. Nice blast to the past, plus a HUGE selection of sodas! Thumbs Up 2/8/2012
What a fun store-will absolutely take the kids there again Thumbs Up 2/7/2012
We are happy to have discovered Blooms Candy & Soda Pop Shop! We had a lot of fun looking through their selection of sodas and candies, as well as gift items. We went home with a variety of sodas that we can't wait to try. The people there were very nice, friendly, and helpful. We will definitely return! Thumbs Up 2/6/2012
Some of their items are priced too high, so this was an awesome way to let my daughter enjoys treats I don't usually buy. Thumbs Up 2/6/2012
I had a great time shopping at Blooms.  I will definitely return. Thumbs Up 1/31/2012
Great place! Will defiantly go back. Thumbs Up 1/29/2012
LOVE Blooms - thank you for offering this ! Thumbs Up 1/29/2012
Pretty cool place. Nice, friendly staff as well. Thumbs Up 1/28/2012
Very cool place. Thumbs Up 1/28/2012