Here is a list of the sodas that we normally have in stock.  Unless mentioned, sodas listed are in glass bottles. Please call ahead as availability is sometimes limited.


A&W Root Beer
Abita Root Beer
Aj Stephans Birch Beer
Aj Stephans Root Beer
Aj Stephans Sarsaparilla
Ale 8 1
Americana Orange Cream
Americana Huckleberry
Americana Ginger Lime
Apple Beer
Avery’S “Totally Gross” Bug Barf
Avery’S “Totally Gross” Kitty Piddle
Avery's Zombie Brain Juice
Avery's Dog Drool
Barrel Brothers Root Beer
Baumeister Root Beer
Bavarian Nutmeg Virgil'S Special Edition
Bawls Guarana Exotic Blue
Bawls Cherry Guarana
Bawls Geek Beer Roor Beer
Berghoff Diet Root Beer
Berghoff Root Beer
Big Red
Black Lemonade Scary Soda
Blenheim Red Hot Ginger Ale
Blue Brain Wash
Boylans Black Cherry Soda
Boylans Creamy Red Birch Beer
Boylans Creme Bottleworks
Boylans Diet Root Beer
Boylans Ginger Ale
Boylans Grape Soda
Boylans Orange Soda
Boylans Root Beer
Bubble Up Longnecks
Buckin' Root Beer
Bulldog Root Beer
Capt'N Eli'S Root Beer
Cheerwine Diet
China Cherry Cola Tianfu Soda
Cock N Bull Ginger Beer
Dachunds Root Beer
Dads Root Beer Longnecks
Dang Butterscotch Root Beer
Delaware Punch (Can)
Dg Kola Champagne
Dog N Suds Root Beer
Dr Pepper 20 Oz Plastic
Dr Pepper Diet 20 Oz Plastic
Dr Pepper Real Cane
Dr. Cane
Dublin Bottling Retro Cola
Dublin Bottling Tart N Sweet Lemonade
Dublin Bottling Vanilla Cream Soda
Dublin Bottling XXX Root Beer
Dublin Bottling Cherry Limeade
Earps Sarsaparilla
Empire Bottling Works Root Beer
Empire Bottling Works Sarsaparilla
Empire Bottling Works Spruce Beer
Energy All Shook Up Elvis Energy Drink
Energy Bonus Fruit
Energy Drink Me
Energy Duff Beer Energy Drink
Energy Ectoplasm Energy Drink
Energy Flaming Moe Energy Drink
Energy I (Love) Being Awesome
Energy Imulsion Energy Drink
Energy Moustache Elixer
Energy Pac-Man Power Up (Not Bonus Fruit) Energy Drink
Energy Zombe Survival Energy Drink
Energy Power Up! Super Mario Energy Drink
Faygo Creme Soda
Faygo Grape Soda
Faygo Red Pop
Faygo Rock N Rye
Faygo Root Beer
Fentimans Curiosity Cola
Fentimans Lemonade
Fentimans Shandy
Filberts Banana Soda
Filberts Blueberry Soda
Filberts Cream Soda
Filberts Lime Green Soda
Filberts Peach Soda
Filberts Root Beer
Filberts Strawberry
Filberts Watermelon Old Time Chicago Soda
Fitz's Root Beer
Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Soda
Frostie Blue Cream Soda
Frostie Cherry Limeade Soda
Frostie Diet Root Beer
Frostie Grape Soda
Frostie Orange Soda
Frostie Root Beer
Frostie Vanilla Root Beer
Frostop Root Beer
Fukola Cola
Bawls Root Beer Guaraná G33K B33R
Grays Root Beer
Green River Old-Style Longnecks
Guarana Alaska Sabor Brasileiro
Hanks Root Beer
Henry Weinhard'S Root Beer
Henry Weinhard's Vanilla Cream
Ibc Root Beer
Iron Horse Root Beer
Jack Black'S Root Beer
Jackson Hole Soda Co - Huckleberry
Jeff'S Chocolate Egg Cream
Jersey Cream
Jolt Cola Longneck
Jolt Cherry Bomb
Jones Berry Lemonade
Jones Blue Bubble Gum Soda
Jones Cream Soda
Jones Fu Fu Berry
Jones Green Apple
Jones Root Beer
Jones Soda Black Cherry Zilch
Judge Wapner Root Beer
Kickapoo Joy Juice
Kutztown Root Beer "
Langers Chocolate Gourmet Soda
Lemmy Lemonade
Lesters Fixings Pbj
Lesters Fixins Bacon Soda
Lesters Fixins Buffalo Wing Soda
Lesters Fixins Corn
Love Potion No. 69 Purple
Lurch Birch
Macfuddy Pepper Elixir
Maine Root Beer
Manhattan Special Espresso Soda From Brooklyn
Mexicola In Glass Bottles
Mexisprite In The Bubbly Bottle
Mexisquirt In The Swirly Bottle
Mexican Coca Cola Light
Moxie Original Elixir
Nehi Grape
Nehi Orange
Nehi Peach
Nesbitt'S Honey Lemonade
Nu Grape Soda
Olde Rhode Island Molasses Root Beer
Orange Crush
Orangina  À La Pulpe D'Orange
Pepsi Glass Bottle
Pig Iron Cola
Pop Shoppe Lime Rickey
Pop Shoppe Root Beer
Ramune Melon Soda From Japan With Glass Ball On Top
Rat Bastard Root Beer
Rc Cola Longnecks
Red Bull
Red Bull Sf
Red Revolution Cola
Reed'S Extra Ginger Brew
Reed'S Raspberry Ginger Brew
Rf Radioactive Soda
Rocket Fizz Jalepeno Green Apple
Rocket Fizz Mud Pie
Rocket Fizz Rocket Fuel
Route 66  Root Beer
Saint Arnold Root Beer
Saranac Rootbeer
Saranac Shirley Temple Soda
Sea Dog Root Beer From Maine
Sioux City Birch Beer
Sioux City Cherry Mint "It'S What Lawyers Get When There'S No Kentucky Nip!"
Sioux City Prickly Pear
Sioux City Root Beer Cowboy Style
Sioux City Sarsaparilla 4 Pk
Snake River Sarsaparilla
Soda Boy Caramel Cream
Soda Boy Strawberry Cream
Sparky'S Fresh Draft Root Beer
Sprecher Cream "From The Cream City Of Wisconsin"
Sprecher Ginger Ale
Sprecher Root Beer
Squamscot Fruit Bowl Soda W/Cane Sugar From New Hampshire
Squamscot Ginger Beer
Squamscot Maple Cream Soda
Squamscot Raspberry Lemonade W/Cane Sugar From New Hampshire
Squamscot Root Beer
Squamscot Sarsaparilla
Stewart'S Black Cherry Soda
Stewart'S Cherries N Cream
Stewart'S Grape Soda
Stewart'S Key Lime
Stewarts Root Beer
Strawberry Rhubarb Jackson Hole Soda
Thomas Kemper Root Beer
Tommy Knockers Root Beer
Ting Grapefruit Soda
Totally Gross Bug Barf Soda (Kiwi - Pineapple) From Avery'S
Totally Gross Kitty Piddle Soda (Pineapple - Orange) From Avery'S
Triple Xxx Root Beer
Vernors Rare Longnecks
Virgils Bavarian Nutmeg
Virgil'S Root Beer
Waialua Mango Soda With Maui Cane Sugar
Waialua Pineapple Soda With Maui Cane Sugar
Zuberfizz Coco Fizz
Zuberfizz Key Lime Soda From Durango
Vernors Rare Longnecks
Virgils Bavarian Nutmeg
Virgils Dr Better
Virgils Orange Cream
Virgil'S Root Beer
Waialua Mango Soda With Maui Cane Sugar
Waialua Pineapple Soda With Maui Cane Sugar
Zuberfizz Coco Fizz
For Wholesale inquiries, please contact
Blooms Candy & Soda Pop Shop - Dallas (Carrollton), TX