Blooms Candy & Soda Pop Shop carries Haribo, Trolli, E Frutti, and many other gummy brands.  However we are somewhat famous for the Worlds Largest Gummy Worm.  (He weighs in at 3 lbs) and the Worlds Largest Gummy Bear (5 lbs)!

In addition, we have smaller gummy bears that are 1/2 lb. each.  In a variety of gummy flavors, these come packaged on a stick too!

Haribo Gold Bears, Haribo Licorice Wheels, Haribo Strawberry Wheels, Haribor Raspberries, Haribo Fizzy Cola, Haribo Happy Cola, Haribo Twin Cherries, Haribo Rattle Snakes, Haribo  Roulettes  & more!