Join us in welcoming the following glass bottle sodas to Blooms Candy & Soda Pop Shop.  These sodas should be available in the last two weeks of July.  We are sitting by the window anxiously awaiting the truck to arrive as we speak!

  • Barrel Brothers Root Beer
  • Boylans Creamy Red Birch Beer
  • Brainalizer Soda
  • Tianfu China Cherry Cola
  • Cock N Bull Ginger Beer
  • Dog N Suds Root Beer
  • Dr Browns Root Beer
  • Green River Old Style Longnecks
  • Jolt Cola!!!
  • Orange Crush
  • Lurch Birch
  • Not See Cola
  • RC Cola
  • Sea Dog Root Beer
  • Sprecher Root Beer
  • Tripple XXX Root Beer
  • Mexican Pepsi
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