Do you need to buy a new Pez dispenser in Dallas?  Candy Carrollton can surely help you out.  With over 36 different styles of PEZ we have exactly the PEZ Dispenser your looking for.

Texas Rangers PEZ, Cars PEZ, Disney PEZ, Hello Kitty PEZ, Disney Fairy PEZ, Tinkerbell PEZ, Thor PEZ, Marvel Comics PEZ, Thomas the Tank Engine PEZ, Belle PEZ, Texas Tech PEZ, Texas A&M PEZ, University of Texas Longhorns PEZ. Kiss PEZ

Also, new this month we have GIANT PEZ!  These PEZ dispensers stand over 12 inches tall....Hello Kitty Giant PEZ, Darth Vader Giant PEZ!!  Get them while they last as these giant PEZ are hard to come by.