Ale 8 1 Glass Bottle Soda


ALE 8 1 Soda

Ale 8 1 is a soft drink that has been produced since 1926 in the small town of Winchester, Kentucky.  Ale 8 1 soda pop could easily be described as a ginger ale but does have some flavor variances.  Overall, Ale 8 1 has a fruitier flavor, contains more caffeine and less carbonation than a traditional soda pop.  This is one of the rare Ginger Ale's that even contains caffeine.

Ale 8 is famous in the rock climbing world due to the popularity of Miguels Pizza & Rock Climbing spot in Slade, KY.  Climbers who finish a climb in the Red River Gorge have a tradition of stopping at Miguel's and grabbing a pizza and a cold Ale 8 1 soda.

12 oz glass bottle


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