Barq's Glass Bottle Root Beer


Barq's Glass Bottle Root Beer - Barq Root Beer

Barq's is one of the few root beers that contains caffeine.  Barq's Bottling Company was founded in New Orleans in 1890, right in the French Quarter.

For the longest time, Barq's was not marketed as a root beer but just "Barq's".  At the time they were trying to avoid a legal fight with Hires Root Beer who was trying to trademark the term "root beer".  In addition, the base of Barq's was more of a sarsaparilla style popular in the late 19th century that included caffeine, less sugar and higher carbonation.  

The latest bottle is the traditional longneck style but contains a unique diamond pattern at the shoulder of the bottle.  Very cool and collectible!

Made with HFCS

Barq Root Beer - Barks Root Beer

**Please note - Shipping is very expensive due to the weight of the glass bottles.  As an estimate, to order one soda the shipping charge is roughly $6-7.  The shipping charges become more economical if you order in multiples (4+ sodas).**


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