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Cactus Cooler


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Straight from California! Cactus Cooler is an orange pineapple soda sold primarily in Southern California and the southwest.  It was originally inspired by the cartoon television show "The Flintstones", in the 1960's.  Cactus Cooler was a fictional beverage that Fred Flintstone favored on the show.

Cactus Cooler has also been featured in the television show "Weeds".

At this time Cactus Cooler is only produced in cans and is not available in glass bottles.  This is one of two exceptions we have to our "NO CAN" rule at Blooms.  It is a pricey soda as Cactus Cooler is only produced in parts of California and the Southwest area and our expenses to get it here are high due to shipping fees.


12 oz can.



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