Glass Bottle Nehi Grape



It all started in 1903 when Claude Hatcher invented his own soda to bottle and sell in his families grocery store he called it "Chero-Cola".  Claude then went on to create a line of fruity beverages that he called "NEHI" in the 1920′s.  A little later around 1935 he changed the chero cola formula creating "Royal Crown Cola" or "RC" as most people called it.  At that point they renamed the company to Royal Crown Cola Co.  Claude aslo created the first diet soda "Diet Rite" and the first low calorie soda "RC 100″.

Nehi is now owned by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and they restrict the selling and distribution of Nehi throughout the country through their bottlers.  This is why we had so much difficulty locating it.  Unless its bottled in your area you need to find an alternate source as the bottlers are not allowed to ship the products out of their licensed region.

People often times look for Grape Knee High when in fact it is Grape Nehi

12 oz glass bottles with pure cane sugar


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