Heres a quick rundown of the newest candies we have added in the last couple of weeks:

Idaho Spud Bar - First manufactured in 1918, the Idaho Spud Bar has a soft marshmallow center, dark chocolate coating and sprinkled with coconut.  Shaped like a potato this candy bar is sure to please anyone.  Mainly popular in the Northeast it has been one of the top 100 selling candies there for years.  
Fredericksburg Fudge - A local favorite, we have brought the fudge back in for the fall.  Featuring a Dark Chocolate Fudge, Maple Nut Fudge, Milk Chocolate with Pecans and new this year the German Chocolate Fudge.  Sold in half pound tubs, it is a sweet snack with a much shorter drive to Carrollton than to Fredericksburg!

Brittle - New to us this fall also are Fredricksburg Fudge's Brittle Candies.  We've brought in both a traditional Peanut Brittle but also a Jalepeno Brittle.  Slightly hot with a sweet salty aftertaste its sure to please the Jalepeno lover in your life.  Stop by and give it a try!

More updates to come as we start to put out the Halloween Candies!

Stay Sweet!
September 21, 2010 — admin