Zotz Fizz Power Candy

The original Zotz Fizz Power Candies were introduced in 1968. Within one year they had quickly become the hottest selling kids candy in the business. What made Zotz unique was the flavored fizz center which everyone found crazy & irresistible. Zotz is a hard candy manufactured by G.B. Ambrosoli. G.B. Ambrosoli is wholly owned and operated by the Ambrosoli family, in Como Italy, since 1920.

With new packages Zotz are sure to attract a whole new generation of Zotz customers. The original Zotz customers (like me) now have children of their own, and remain loyal consumers when they can find them. There are two different boxes of Zotz flavors; One box contains Lemon, Orange and Grape, the other has Cherry, Watermelon and Sour Apple.

From 1968 to today Zotz continues to be the best selling fizz powder candy in the United States.

We currently have all 6 flavors in our Candy Shop in Downtown Carrollton (Dallas). 

 Stop by and see where the fizz is!

Stay sweet
October 11, 2010 — admin
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