While researching Circus Peanuts candy for this blog I was surprised to discover that Circus Peanuts were the inspiration of  Lucky Charms Cereal in 1963!  General Mills used shavings of Circus Peanuts to enhance the cereal and Lucky Charms was born.

The peanut shaped gummy candy was actually invented in the 16th century.  Originally it 
 was produced as an orange flavor only available seasonally due to the lack of packaging available to preserve it.  It was sold as penny candy and available in most five and dime stores.  It was made available year round in the 1940s due to innovation in confectionery and polyethylene packaging.

Through the years circus peanut candy has been made in a variety of colors and flavors although the orange is the tried and true favorite.  I would tend to agree. :)

Stay Sweet!

October 30, 2010 — admin
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