We have a small sign in our window that I change occasionally to highlight different items we have in the store.  The "MMMMMMMMM....Bacon Candy" sign has been the biggest draw thus far.

We have had tons of people walk in and immediately ask "Where's the Bacon?".  Our response is to point them in the direction of this display and talk them through our bacon stuff.

Shown here are the following:

  • Bacon Band Aids - They look like a strip of uncooked bacon..very realistic looking!
  • Bacon Beans - Bacon flavored bean candies, in a tin shaped like, what else, a strip of bacon
  • Bacon Lip Balm - Bacon flavored lip balm
  • Bacon Toothpicks - Bacon flavored toothpicks to pick the bacon out of your teeth
  • Bacon Air Freshner - Shaped like 3 pieces of bacon and scented like bacon
  • Bacon Dental Floss - If you have more time on your hands and still have bacon in your teeth, use this for a healthier mouth!
  • Man Bait - Maple Bacon Suckers - Maple flavored suckers with a bit of salty bacon inside (these are my favorite, reminds me of when you have bacon that falls into the syrup from your pancakes..mmmm)
  • BaconPop - Bacon Flavored Popcorn!
  • Bacon Cheddar Salt - Add Bacon flavor to ANYTHING!
  • Bacon Candle - Thats right, a candle that scented like bacon
  • Bacon Gift Set - Filled with diffferent varieties of BaconSalt and includes a jar of Baconnaise, bacon flavored mayonnaise, and bacon lip balm
We also will have Bacon Mints, Gummy Bacon and a new variety of BaconPop in store mid November, perfect for the bacon lover's stocking at Christmas!

Stop by and smell the bacon...

Stay sweet!

October 14, 2010 — admin
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