New Stuff!

I know many of you fear the Zombie Apocalypse.  So for you, we have Zombie Jerky.
Zombie Jerky
It is the perfect compliment to our Zombie Mints (Brain Flavored) and Zombie Energy Drink.  Thats right, we have the Zombie Trifecta, right here in Carrolllton, TX.


On a lighter note, we also have Easter Candy.  Just a quick peek at some of the more interesting stuff.

First we have an interesting but very rich Easter treat from Germany made by Milka in France.  These are Milka Lil Scoops.  Nice and sweet milk chocolate Easter Eggs filled with a light and fluffy white mousse.  Each egg is individually wrapped and with its own spoon to scoop out the yummy goodness.


A truly unique Easter treat that you wont find in your local grocery store aisle.

Ill try to post more of our new Easter treats soon, if you just cant wait, pop in for a peek!

Stay Sweet,

February 20, 2011 — admin
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