I thought I'd take a moment and spotlight some of the UK brands of candy that we carry since it seems to be fairly popular with our customers.  Plus, blogging gives me an opportunity to do some research (which I love).  You have to constantly work at being a know-it-all..dontchaknow?

Back to the chocolate....Cadbury Dairy Milk was first presented in 1905 in the UK.  These chocolate bars were made with a higher concentration of milk than Cadbury's other chocolate bars at the time.  By 1913 it became Cadbury's top selling product line.  Currently Hershey's makes the bar here in the United States.  The formula is slightly different than that of the bar that is manufactured in the UK but still a delicious taste treat.

In the United Kingdom there are 16 versions of this chocolate bar!  Sorry Dallas, we currently only carry 4 :(.

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Each bar is 3.5 oz and sells for $3.99.  You'll find them in our "Candy From Across the Pond" section.  C'mon, step away from your favorite and try something new!

Stay Sweet!


April 21, 2011 — admin
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