Tasting - Bacon Soda Looks Like Orange, Tastes Like Grape

I'm trying something new this week.  We have selected a focus group (4 regular customers) and are having them sample two sodas a week.  Let me preface this by saying that I promise next weeks reviews will be a bit more descriptive.  We're still working out the bugs on this project.

Our focus group consists of my daughter Reese, 7, Pedro, 12, Jack, 13 and Shane, 12.  Shane, Pedro and Jack are regular customers who stop in the shop at least 2 times a week. We have been having them taste new stuff for a while now as long as they tell us what they think.  Reese has no choice.

First up, Lester's Fixins Bacon Soda.  We have been having a ton of fun with this soda pop lately as people are shocked at its mere existence.  Lets see what the panel had to say:

Reese: "Yuck"

Pedro, Jack, Shane: "Don't like the bacon"  "Tastes like grease"......"I taste peanuts".... "kinda like root beer?".  However, please note that they liked that the bacon flavor went away and left a kind of a cream soda taste after a while.




Next up, Looks Like Orange, Tastes Like Grape Soda  This is a grape soda that is a pale orange color.  Its got a really cool label with a giant eye on it that is repeated on the cap as well.

Reese: "It tastes really good.  Theres nothing about it I don't like."

Pedro, Jack, Shane: "Its orange, but grape soda."  "I was expecting something bad like the bacon but this was sooooooooo good."  "I was really expecting something bad." 




So there you have it, Blooms Candy Shops first official soda pop tasting.  We have yet to encounter anyone who has really liked the taste of the Bacon Soda, our focus group included.  Next week we will work on giving more descriptive reviews...  I feel that we need to give you a bit more to go on than "Yuck".  A work in progress... 

Bubble on my friends.


August 29, 2011 — admin

The Bacon Soda Experience

Today I was witness to someone, a group actually, tasting their first Lester's Fixin's Bacon Soda.  Where do I begin?

Bacon Soda
Lesters Fixins Bacon Soda

It was a group of three college-age kids and there seemed to be a bit of underlying excitement as they made the purchase (with 3 other sodas).  When I asked if they were buying it to drink or buying it to take there was a quick response of "I'm going to try it right now!"  So I offered to open it for them and asked if we could watch them try it since we had yet to witness a tasting and hear feedback. "Sure!"  Here we go.

Frosty bottle raised to lips and down the hatch.  Oh, to have thought to have taken my camera out to catch his reaction!  The look on his face was bitter, squinched up and followed up  with a "uuughhhh!"  "It's awful, had a greasy aftertaste and I may go home and cook with it later."  Then passed the bottle to the other two people in his party and they had equally shocking and repulsed expressions.  When offered to us to try, we politely declined.

This, my friends, is why we don't necessarily taste everything in the store.  Its way more fun to watch the efforts of others.  :)

Stay sweet!


August 21, 2011 — admin