Weird & Unusual Soda Alert!

Every time we get a new unusual soda I think to myself "how can they possibly come up with something weirder than this?".   A few months pass and I hear of another new, crazier flavor and again, I repeat the mantra.

Beefdrinker Teriyaki Beef Jerky Soda

When I first got wind of the BeefDrinker Teriyaki Beef flavored soda I was overwhelmed with shock and awe.  The folks over at Real Soda have blown me away with this one.  Not just a meat flavored soda(remember Chocolate Maple Smoked Bacon Soda?), a TERIYAKI beef flavored soda.

When we received our shipment we excitedly tore open the box (pre-chilled thanks to our crazy Texas winter) and cracked open the first bottle to try it.  Upon opening, you are overwhelmed by the scent of soy sauce.  (I have to admit that after I smelled it I was almost not willing to try it.)  We poured the caramel colored bubbly liquid into our sample cups and set about with our tasting.

Once you get past the smell and thought of actually drinking soy sauce, the soda was surprisingly sweet, like a cola, with the teriyaki flavor lingering at the end.  All of us that tried it admitted it was a bizarre soda and not something that we could see ourselves longing for on a hot day. However, it certainly was not unbearable.

Weird soda fans rejoice!  You have another bizarre treat awaiting you....

Stay sweet,




February 06, 2014 — Nicole Meadows