British / UK Candy - Smarties

Not to be mistaken with the tart pastel colored rolled candy that we remember from our American youth, Nestle Smarties are a favourite (See that? I used the Canadian/British spelling) of our British & Candian friends.

Nestle Smarties are a candy covered chocolate candies that have been around for a heck of a long time.  Smarties have been around since at least 1882!  These candies are oblate shaped (not round, not oval, not even a sphere) chocolate "beans".  Originally made by Rowntree they were marketed as just that, "Chocolate Beans", then "Smarties Chocolate Beans" in 1977.

Nestle has been making them in Canada since 1918 but their largest manufacturing facility is based in Germany, supporting the UK demand.

Unlike the American M&M, Smarties have more variety, coming in 8 different colors and are packaged in a cardboard box in a hexagonal shape.  This is the variety we carry in our Dallas Candy Shop.

These are a great addition to our British Candy Section .. seen in the center on the third shelf.  Stop by and get smarter!

Stay Sweet!

August 26, 2010 — admin