Nostalgic Candy - Razzles

First it's Candy, Then it's Gum!

Little Razzles are so much FUN!

Now this is a candy that I relate to.  I remember peddling my bicycle up to the market to return some bottles (I'm originally from Michigan, home of the 10 cent deposit on cans & bottles.) and get some Razzles, Blow Pops and a soda.  I would eat the Razzles in quick succession creating a giant wad of gum reminiscent of baseball players wad of tobacco.  From there, my jaw would ache and sweet childhood memories were formed.

Morphing from a tasty, fruit-flavored candy into an equally tasty and chewable piece of gum, Razzles offers a hybrid of confectionary treats in every round, bite-sized tablet. 

Introduced in 1966, it has become an American confectionary favorite, especially popular with children who appreciate the candy-gum transformation that their chewing produces. 

Offered originally in just raspberry, Razzles today are available in a variety of multi-flavored packs, including Razzles (Blaze'n Blueberry, Gushin' Grape, Luscious Lemon, Razzle Raspberry, and Tangerine Orange); Sour Razzles (Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Lemon, Lime, and Orange); and Tropical Razzles (Kiwi-Lime, Pineapple, Strawberry-Bana, Tangerine, and Tropical Punch).

We carry the regular Razzles and the Tropical Razzles currently.  However, if we get requests for it we can also add the Sour Razzles to Candy Store inventory.

Stop by Blooms Candy Shop and feel free to consume the whole package at once so you too can re-create that jaw-locking enjoyment withe Razzles.

Stay Sweet!

August 09, 2010 — admin