need to Whispa!

Really we dont want you to keep quiet about it but it made for a catchy title.  This is our first candy blog and what the heck, sometimes cheesy works for me.

So whats all the Whispa-ing about?  The Cadbury Whispa chocolate bar! For you international chocolate lovers, this is similar to an Aero bar, which has aerated chocolate leaving bubbles of air inside the bar.  

We just brought these in last week along with several other UK / British Candy favorites!

Maltesers are similar to the American Whoppers but with a better accent.  A malted center wrapped in chocolate thats delish (and I know because I love Whoppers).

And finally, the Cadbury Cream Egg Twisted Bar.  You know those Cadbury Cream Eggs that you thought were only available at Easter Time?  Think again!  You can now have that gooey rich deliciousness all year round with he Cadbury Cream Egg Twisted Bar!!

Go on now, stop in and check out all our sweeties!  Were in our new location at 1104 West Main Street in Historic Downtown Carrollton.


June 08, 2010 — Blooms Employee