Happy Fall Soda, Y'all!

Happy Fall Soda, Y'all!

We have quite a few new sodas to help us usher in the cooler fall weather!

First, we have Afri-Kola, in spite of its name, it's actually from Germany!  The greatest thing about this cola, is by and large the unique, glass bottle.  Instead of the US standard 12 oz, this bottle weighs in at 11.2 oz.

Afri-Kola From Germany

Orbitz Sodas are back!   A throwback from the 90's, these fruit flavored sodas used to be made with floating bits inside that made them look like a lava-lamp.  The bits are gone, but the fruit flavors are back!  Yummy!

Orbitz Retro SodaOrbitz Retro Nostalgic Sodas


August 28, 2017 — Blooms Employee
Tags: New Sodas