Lets talk about the Chic-O-Stick

Chick-O-Stick, Chicken Leg, Chicken Bones, its all the same.  A candy that we can barely keep in stock that has been manufactured since the Great Depression.



Chick-O-Stick is an orange candy in the shape of a tube or stick that is dusted with coconut.  The stick itself is honeycombed with peanut butter and a hardened syrup/sugar mixture that forms a delicious dry/brittle candy.

Chic-O-Sticks original wrapper had a cartoon chicken wearing a cowboy hat and a badge in the shape of the manufacturer (Atkisons) logo.  It was thought that the chicken on the label created confusion as to whether or not it was truly a candy or a chicken flavored cracker.

I have heard customers say that its taste is very close to a buttefinger without the chocolate and much flakier.  I'd have to say my favorite thing about the Chick-O-Stick is that they are made here in Texas!

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Chick-O-Stick Comes to Carrollton

As a nostalgic candy store in the Dallas area we try to keep up with the stuff that you can’t necessarily find anywhere else.  
The Chick-O-Stick is a candy produced by Atkinson Candy Company, and has been in manufacture since the Great Depression. Atkinson is right here in Texas so you can happily chew your Chick-O-Stick and support the local Texas economy too!  Chick-O-Sticks are a peanut butter and toasted coconut candy.  For those that are watching their figures, they don’t contain any Trans Fat!  Atkinson Candy does manufacture a sugar-free variety but we currently do not carry that version. 
Dusted with ground coconut this delicious orange stick is honeycombed with peanut butter inside.  The candy is dry and brittle and when eaten, can be quite crumbly. But hey, all good things take some effort!
Chick-O-Stick got its name when inter-company messages referred to the candy as “resembling fried chicken”.  The company founder one day and it just stuck. 
We carry the larger stick as shown in the photo above that is .7 oz and the smaller version that is .36 oz.