Turkish Taffy is Back!

After a long, 20 year hiatus this nougat/taffy is back on the market and we already have it in stock!

This candy was originally sold in Woolworth's stores.  It came in large sheets from which pieces were broken off with a hammer at the counter and sold by weight.  In the late 1940's Bonomo released  the candy-bar size which you could whack against a hard surface to break into smaller pieces. Back in the 1960's a bar was $0.05.

Turkish Taffy became one of the first forms of candy advertised on tv back in 1949.  
On July 2, 2010 Turkish Taffy was officially re-released to the general public at IT'SUGAR in Atlantic City and on July 22nd we received it in our candy store in Downtown Carrollton.  We have Banana, Chocolate and Vanilla.  
Come smack it & crack it!
July 26, 2010 — admin